The Most Completed Home Automation Solution in the Market

The SmartHome system has already many years of development for the most demanding users. Thank them all. Currently, SmartHome is the most advanced and complete solution in the market with an affordable price. Check some standard features below.

Lights Control

The SmartHome system allows you to control your home lights with just one click on your smartphone (iPhone or Android). Are you on Sofa? Ajust the light intensity to relax... Are you out of home? Check if every lights are turned off.

Blinds Control

Go to sleep? Close all your blinds with just one click. It is to much lightness to see TV? Take your iPhone and control the blinds according with your wishes. Do you like to wake up with sun light? Just define the schedule for the blinds goes up.

Smart Glass Control

The SmartHome has an integrated control for the new type of glasses that allows you to turn it transparent or opaque. You can just forget the curtains at some divisions of your house. Smarthome can turn the glass opaque or transparent acording to the time of the day, the scenario selected, or manually.

Curtains Control

Do you want to keep curtains for decoration instead of Smart Glass? Use this feature to control your curtains automatically.

Climate Control

Are you getting home from a very cold day? It is better to adjust your house temperature with your SmartPhone (iPhone / Android) before you get there. Just thinking on your comfort. SmartHome supports almost every kind of climate machine (Air Conditioner, Heating Machines, etc)

Vaccum Cleaner Monitoring

You will never forget to dump the trash deposit of Central Vaccum Cleaner, because the system will warning you. Is it time for maintenance? The system will notify the maintenance people for you.

Cameras Monitoring

Check your home from eveywhere in the world with outdoor or indoor cameras. Need to go somewhere while someone is sick at your home? Now you can monitoring he/she at real time with your phone.

Video-Door Everywhere

Imagine the possibility to answer the video-door bell with your phones or tablets no matter where you are? So many situations in your life that will be simplified.

Sensors Monitoring

The SmartHome system supports all kind of warning sensors to automatically take an action, like close the Water Valve when Water is detected in the ground, or warn you to take an action like call Fire Department.

Buglar Alarm Everywhere

The buglar alarm are integrated with Cameras so you can be warned about an intrusion with real time video instantly. A button to call the local police station is on the first alarm screen, just press it and you are calling the cops in just a few seconds.

Media Control

Your home will be the best place to relax and enjoy life. Many kind of devices can be integrated and configured in a way that just one click will be needed to prepare your home theater. Some examples: Projector, Lift Project, Projector Screen, Sound System, DVR, or TV and TV Flap. What about music? Enjoy our multiroom sound system controled with your touch devices from everywhere.


Control all devices with your touch device is amaizing, however, for big houses, the possibility to create scenarios will be great! Imagine your entire house self-ajusting for a situation with just one click. Examples: Romantic Scenario, Party Scenario, Sleeping Scenario, Leave Home Scenario, Get Home Scenario, etc

Smart Metering

The old management adage: "You can't manage what you don't measure." You will be able to check at realtime where your house is consuming energy. A report by day, month and year is also present to help you to manage your property.

Artificial Intelligence

Fiction? No, Artificial Intelligence is already part of our days. Smarthome has many Premium Features for the most demanding users that use artificial intelligence algorithms. Example: Blinds self-ajusting to use or avoid sun as natural thermal energy source, saving energy while reduce the use of air conditioner and heating machines.

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